Lisa Brown

Staying safe in uncertain times

At a time when everything feels incredibly uncertain, one thing you can rely on is our antiviral disinfection service. It is crucial, now more than ever, to keep your environment as clean as possible.We’ve just invested in a new fogging machine, which is suitable for use in the home, workplace, and everywhere in between. We

Our new, non-toxic fogging service has arrived!

We’ve had a lot of businesses contacting us regarding our disinfectant fogging service and we wanted to update our clients regarding this vital tool in keeping your premises, staff and customers safe during these unprecedented times. It’s our aim to be as open and transparent about the services we provide as we possibly can be

To Fog or not to Fog…

It’s looking very likely that Coronavirus is going to be around for quite some time. The crisis has impacted on all walks of life and the safety of staff and customers is high on the agenda of many businesses and organisations.

Hiring a Cleaner is no Longer a Luxury – it Makes Absolute Sense!

We believe a messy house is a lived-in house and in order to live life the fullest why not ask for a bit of help? I’m sure the majority of people these days take their vehicle to be washed by professionals, their suits to the dry cleaners, dogs to the groomer etc.

L&L Cleaning – In The Beginning…

Starting up a business during a global pandemic may seem like a crazy idea but when two bright and conscientious family members are made redundant at the same time with little prospect of gaining meaningful employment soon what are they going to lose by doing just that?