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Staying safe in uncertain times

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At a time when everything feels incredibly uncertain, one thing you can rely on is our antiviral disinfection service. It is crucial, now more than ever, to keep your environment as clean as possible.
We’ve just invested in a new fogging machine, which is suitable for use in the home, workplace, and everywhere in between. We use a completely safe, child and pet friendly product to eliminate existing viruses and bacteria that live in the air and on surfaces. We have evidence to to show that the product we use actually works.
Many companies will claim that safety data sheets are all you need to decide whether a chemical is safe but these probably haven’t been updated since everyone started fogging everything. We can show you the lab test results of the bacteria and viral load before and after fogging.
If someone within your home or workplace has tested positive for Covid-19 we can help eliminate what’s left of the virus.
Now is the time as a home or business owner, to put your trust in an informed and well versed fogging contractor in order to take care of your families, customers and employees.
Contact us for more information about how we can help you keep your staff, customers and family safe.

Lisa BrownStaying safe in uncertain times

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