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Our new, non-toxic fogging service has arrived!

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We’ve had a lot of businesses contacting us regarding our disinfectant fogging service and we wanted to update our clients regarding this vital tool in keeping your premises, staff and customers safe during these unprecedented times.

It’s our aim to be as open and transparent about the services we provide as we possibly can be – we will not make claims that can’t be backed up by science and we welcome all questions and queries – there’s no such thing as a stupid question as far as we’re concerned so ask away!

So, what is fogging? Fogging is the administering of disinfectant from a machine which turns the liquid solution into a fog or light mist and is able to disinfect and sanitise large, often hard to reach areas that can be missed or forgotten, and small, confined spaces that are hard to reach with traditional cleaning procedures. If you have a vital service or business that must keep functioning, it’s essential to take every precaution to protect the people who use your premises, including your employees, visitors and members of the public. And, if your premises have been shut down, your employees and other users will want assurance that your premises are safe before they return and that they’ll stay safe while they’re using them.

After consulting with Anna at local supplier Astral Hygiene we are now using a product that is produced by Aqualution Systems Ltd in Duns. The solution is listed on the EHCA’s website as being safe, it has the accreditation that everybody is looking for: BS EN 1276 – bactericidal food safe (so non-toxic), BS EN 14476 – viricidal so will kill all the usual viruses including coronaviruses.

These claims are no different than the other chemicals out there which people are recommending; so why did we choose this particular one?

The vast majority of products being used to fog premises will produce a toxin that, while relatively safe, can leave you wheezing or with a sore throat. Thanks to ground-breaking technology Aqualution is the only company to manufacture stable packaged hypochlorous acid (HOCl), an environmentally friendly biocide which is completely safe to use; so much so we don’t need to wear PPE when working with it, and a child could lick the surface that has been treated with no ill effects.

Even when restrictions are lifted, there are likely to be more waves of coronavirus infections as people come into contact with others, so we all have to stay vigilant and continue using hygienic practices. Studies in offices have shown that germs can spread from an infected person to the entire office in 2–4 hours via contaminated touchpoints.

Manual methods are the first choice to disinfect surfaces, but for combating airborne pathogens and disinfecting large areas that require rapid re-entry of treated areas, fogging is an ideal solution. The droplets can settle underneath, on top of and on the sides of many objects and inaccessible areas that may be difficult or not possible to reach using conventional cleaning methods. It reaches a wider range of surfaces than manual cleaning, including textiles.

So, if you are considering a fogging treatment for your premises please do get in touch for a FREE, no obligation quote.


Lisa BrownOur new, non-toxic fogging service has arrived!

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