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L&L Cleaning – In The Beginning…

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Starting up a business during a global pandemic may seem like a crazy idea but when two bright and conscientious family members are made redundant at the same time with little prospect of gaining meaningful employment soon what are they going to lose by doing just that?

L&L (Lisa & Leighanne) are aunt and niece, who have worked in a number of sectors over the last 30 years but have always had a hankering to run their own business. Lisa has a background in journalism and politics and has provided a dog walking service for some time. Leighanne has worked in the hospitality trade as well as in cleaning and housekeeping for a number of hotels.

Both enjoy helping people and love animals and the opportunity to work for themselves , having become frustrated by promises from employers about being looked after and ultimately being let down, was too good to pass up.

So, the pair spent several months while furloughed from their jobs working for a charity trying to come up with a business idea that could be both challenging and worthwhile. The current situation gave them the idea to start a high class cleaning company and within a couple of weeks of being made redundant the “girls” had a business plan, a company vehicle, a logo, equipment and their first cleaning job!

In a very short time they have become the go to company in the Borders for domestic and commercial cleaning and they decided it would be a prudent move to invest in a backpack chemical fogging machine, which offers clients practical, efficient room disinfection.

L&L want to work in partnership with their clients, work to the highest standards with diligence, care and respect. They have garnered reverence by ensuring a first-class service with attention to detail high on their agenda.  If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Lisa BrownL&L Cleaning – In The Beginning…

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