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Hiring a Cleaner is no Longer a Luxury – it Makes Absolute Sense!

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Since starting L&L Cleaning we have encountered a lot of people who have said they’d be too embarrassed to ask for help with cleaning their home.

We believe a messy house is a lived-in house and in order to live life the fullest why not ask for a bit of help? I’m sure the majority of people these days take their vehicle to be washed by professionals, their suits to the dry cleaners, dogs to the groomer etc. So why not treat your most valuable asset to a clean now and again or on a regular basis.

And for those who have taken that leap of faith and freed up some personal time why are they embarrassed to admit they have domestic help? According to one survey nearly 70% of British people who hire a cleaner won’t admit it!

Is it because they feel the need to ‘measure up’? Is it some deep sense of failure; that if we don’t live up to those seemingly perfect houses paraded on social media – all white walls and perfectly clear wooden flooring – we will be seen as inadequate?

Hats off to those homeowners who can keep on top of their domestic chores while holding down a full time job, looking after the kids and volunteering for the local animal shelter. But not everyone is that way inclined.

So you basically have a choice – do it yourself or pay someone to do it while you enjoy some free time or the chance to do something you actually enjoy! Why be ashamed of being too tired or too busy to clean our homes? What’s the point in wasting every spare minute you have cleaning or doing household chores? Life is busy and hard enough so let us make it a wee bit easier for you. You know it makes sense!

Lisa BrownHiring a Cleaner is no Longer a Luxury – it Makes Absolute Sense!

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